10 Benefits of Blogging for Business

1. Prospects time spent on websites is proportional to the number of articles or blog posts on your website (or Blog). In turn, time they spend on your site will influence how much they progress along  the sales funnel.

2. Do not worry about need to create “viral posts”.  Viral posts last a short time and then disappear from collective memory of  the social media sunset. Remember that your actual goal is attaining customers and achieving ROI.

3. Your blog will come to be regarded the expert voice of the industry— it will be shared, and visited for information,  training, and why not, plagiarized.

4. Do not worry about your ability to create content.  Your customers  have questions and a good blog answers them. Just start, and going gets easier with experience.

5. You will gradually discover that the social media “experts” are not the experts they are made out to be and their advice can be worthless. The rules of engagement on web depends  on the industry, business, target market, etc..

7. Consumers  do not understand expert acronyms and industry jargon— they appreciate transparent and informative blog.

8. You will online relationships which when nurtured turn into fans.

9. You have the chance to  show customers that you care about them. You will distinguish yourself from businesses in your industry that aren’t even blogging and taking the time to be engaged with consumers.

10. Sharing – Have you ever heard of a corporate brochure or a press release being retweeted? Blog content when written well gets shared by your readers who find it valuable. The act of “sharing” your post whether it be in the form of a tweet or Facebook share, not only extends your network and but also serves as a form of recommendation from the reader. As a bonus, backlinks and ‘likes’ you earn are good for SEO.

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